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Kirsten Donovan 1. Any and all agreements/contracts(in any form) between the Northwest Seaport Alliance and/or Po... Commercial Containers Diane Jordan
Phil Brooke Re:  PSE LNG lease.  I would like a copy of PSE's actual insurance policy sections showing the cl... Contracts Diane Jordan
Devin Reilly Please provide electronic copies of all proposals submitted for 070652 Information Security Servi... Contracts Heather Shadko
Elisa Webb This is a request for the proposals from Crete Consulting, Floyd Snider and Landau for the RFQ No... Contracts Diane Jordan
No name available Please provide electronic copies of all proposals submitted for 070652 Information Security Serv... Contracts Heather Shadko
Jacqueline Sessa Can you please provide contract award information for the following solicitation and also provide... Contracts Diane Jordan
Cheryl Rucker All proposals submitted for contract #070533, "On-Call Architectural Services". Contracts Diane Jordan
Cheryl Rucker   We’d like to request the A/E on-call submittals for 070483. We can be reached at the following... Contracts Diane Jordan
No name available I would like copies of all contracts and invoices related to NextRequest. Contracts Diane Jordan
Phil Brooke I would like to receive all invoicing for outside legal services going back to 2013, to include d... Contracts Diane Jordan
ross dunning Hello,

I'd like to request copies of the statements of qualifications and Port of Tacoma...
Engineering Heather Shadko
ross dunning Good morning,

I would like to request any additional decision making documents and quali...
Engineering Diana Meister
Syd Kezele I am looking for information about the Arkema (Atofina Chem) site at 3009 Taylor Way for a colleg... Environmental Diana Meister
Jennie Smith Under the Washington Public Records Act, we formally request that your office provide us with pub... Finance Susan Cabigting
Nicole Mijares Pursuant to the Public Records Act, this is a request for a copy of the following records:  An el... Human Resources Diane Jordan
Kim Bradford Pursuant to the state open records law RCW secs. 42.56.001 to 42.56.902, I write on behalf of The... Human Resources Diane Jordan
Samuel S Weitz 1. Copy of the Port of Tacoma Policy RE: Limited Term Employees and Duration Policy in said class... Human Resources Trisha Perez
tyler brady Please provide me with all writings to include e-mails, written communications, reviews, notes, e... Human Resources Diane Jordan
Michelle Karrer Hello,

I’m looking to bid on the UCCMS Invasive Weed Control- 101181.01 and I am wondering...
Maintenance Diane Jordan
Mark Walker I would like a copy of United Parcel Service lease of 750,000 SF on Parcel 14 Prologis site Real Estate Diane Jordan
Raymond Schuler Anyway, if we could get a copy of that Topo survey, CAD preferred, maybe we could be looking at a... Real Estate Diane Jordan
Paul E. Brain I would like the purchase and sale agreement and all related records regarding the sale of a Port... Real Estate Diane Jordan
Jaime Thatcher Lease agreements for the Blair Terminal at the Port of Tacoma, Real Estate Diane Jordan
Brandee J Fish Can you please send an updated list of the current leases for the Port owned properties within th... Real Estate Diane Jordan
Derrick Urquhart Final settlement statement, appraissal, and closing documants related to the sale/surplus action ... Real Estate Diane Jordan
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