Request #20-30

Dear Port of Tacoma,


Under the Washington Public Records Act, §42.56 et seq., I am requesting to receive information regarding the Port of Tacoma’s current or most recent contracts/service agreements for the following employee benefit offerings: 

  1. Group Medical Insurance,
  2. Prescription Drug Plan,
  3. Employee Assistance Program Services
  4. Vision Insurance (if also available in the RFP), and
  5. Dental Insurance (if also available in the RFP).

 I am requesting copies of the following information associated with the service plans referenced above:


    • Awarded Contract/Agreements – including all associated exhibits, addenda and appendices.
    • Submitted Proposals Responses – including all sections or specific sections– i.e.,questions, technical, pricing, cover sheets, etc.
    • Scoring and evaluation sheets (Please include any committee notes on decision process).

 Please be sure to provide the final signed contracts/agreements in addition to the SBCs. 

I ask that the information be provided electronically by email if possible. If there are any fees for searching or copying these records, please inform me before filing my request. Should you deny my request, or any part of the request, please state in writing the basis for the denial.


Please confirm receipt of this request.


Kind Regards,

MariKate Wilson



April 30, 2020 via web


None Assigned


MariKate Wilson





Point of Contact

Diane Jordan

Request Closed Public


The Port of Tacoma released all of the requested documents.

June 5, 2020, 7:39am
Document(s) Released   Details Public
070344 Individual Evaluation David Morrison_C3236193.pdf
070344 Individual Evaluation Jean West_C3236230.pdf
070344 Individual Evaluation Lien Dam_C3236231.pdf
070344 Individual Evaluation Loni Shorten_C3236184.pdf
070344 Individual Evaluation Roberto Saaranos_C3236232.pdf
070344 Proposal Hyas Group_C3236168.pdf
070344 Tabulation Consultant_C3236233.pdf
070344 Individual Evaluation Erin Galeno_C3236229.pdf
070344 Contract Consultant Services For Deferred Compensation Plan Hyas Group_C31917506.pdf
070634 Addendum 04_C3239906.pdf
070634 Amendment 01 Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc._C31923090.pdf
070634 Bid Gallagher Performance Guarantees_C3237753.pdf
070634 Contract Benefit Broker 2017 Arthur J. Gallagher_C31921791.pdf
070634 Group Tabulation evaluation.pdf
070634 Group Tabulation_C3237748.pdf
070634 Group Tabulation_Cost.pdf
070634 Individual Evaluation Darren Arakami_C3237749.pdf
070634 Individual Evaluation Jean West_C3237750.pdf
070634 Individual Evaluation Loni Shorten_C3237751.pdf
070634 Proposal AON_C3237761.pdf
070634 Proposal Cover Letter Servco Pacific_C3237764.pdf
070634 Proposal Gallagher_C3237760.pdf
070634 Proposal LegalShield_C3237762.pdf
070634 Proposal TRUEbenefits_C3237765.pdf
070634 Proposal Wilson Albers_C3237766.pdf
070899 Contract Employee Assistance Program Wellspring EPA_C31922944.pdf
071121 Contract Symetra Noninsurance Benefits Symetra_C31926609.pdf
071134 Contract Group Life Insurance Symetra_C31926610.pdf
071135 Contract Vision Plan VSP_C31926608.pdf
071137 Contract Medical and Dental for TSO Officers Regence_C31926616.pdf
071139 Contract Delta Dental ILWU Delta Dental_C31926662.pdf
071140 Contract Delta Dental PPO Delta Dental_C31926663.pdf
069908 Contract Business Travel Insurance Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company_C31910986.pdf
070634 Addendum 01_C3239904.pdf
070634 Addendum 02_C3237756.pdf
070634 Addendum 03_C3239905.pdf
June 5, 2020, 7:37am
Request Opened Public
Request received via web
April 30, 2020, 9:14pm