Request #19-76

May we please have electronic copies of:

1. All contracts the Port of Tacoma (“Port”) has awarded to Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (“ZPMC”) during the last 15 years

2. All public records that arise out of, concern, or relate to ZPMC’s performance of any contracts encompassed by the above request, including  but not limited to emails, notes, memos, default notices, and performance assessments; and

3. All other public records in the Port’s contract files for ZPMC that are not otherwise encompassed within the scope of the above requests?

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October 22, 2019 via web


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Andrew Schwartz





Point of Contact

Diane Jordan

Document(s) Released Public
Release 3-Email
February 5, 2020, 10:53am
Document(s) Released Public
Release 2 -
January 9, 2020, 1:02pm
Document(s) Released   Details Public
WA Shanghai ContractorDebarList 1.pdf
Weekly Progress Meeting Notes 2019-03-21.pdf
Weekly Progress Meeting Notes 2019-03-28.pdf
Weekly Progress Meeting Notes 2019-04-04.pdf
Weekly Progress Meeting Notes 2019-04-11.pdf
Weekly Progress Meeting Notes 2019-04-18.pdf
Weekly Progress Meeting Notes 2019-04-25.pdf
Weekly Progress Meeting Notes 2019-05-02.pdf
070739 Amdendment 01 2017-12-07_C31922018.pdf
070739 Authorization 2017-12-08_C31922027.pdf
070739 Executed Contract.pdf
070739 Notice of Substantial Completion_C31927031.pdf
070739 Performance Bond 2017-12-08_C31922031.pdf
070739 ZPMC DOR 2017-12-08_C31922026.pdf
070739 ZPMC Signed Contract_C31925952.pdf
070739-ZPMC Debar List 2017-12-08_C31922025.pdf
Fab Kickoff Mtg Notes_NWSA Tacoma_2207 (ZPMC Project 1002000115)_ajh tanslated.pdf
GCP Cranes.docx
Harbor Industrial Labor Contract SD_ 2019-03-06_C31925947.pdf
MEMO-Proj Auth Crane Acquisition-Thornsley.docx
Pier 3 and 4 crane commissioning meeting 12-01-17.docx
Pier 4 Crane Acquisition - 3 Week look ahead schedule.xlsx
PRES-DRAFT PPT GCP Crane Acq and Sole Source Authorization.pptx
October 29, 2019, 11:36am
Document(s) Released   Details Public
070088 Contract Ship-to-Shore Rail Mounted Container Handling Gantry Cranes ZPMC_C31920679.pdf
070088 Correspondence ZPMC Invoice - 3rd payment_C31923189.pdf
070088 Invoice & Packing List 01.15.2019_C31926213.pdf
070088 Notice of Substantial Completion ZPMC_C31924476.pdf
070088 Preliminary Notice United Rentals_C31926210.pdf
Brieda MOU SD_ 2019-10-28_C31927557.pdf
Commercial Invoice 16-2401-5.pdf
Crane Invoice.pdf
RE_ Crane Invoice.pdf
Re_ Invoices.pdf
070088 Certificates of Provisional Acceptance_C31924569.pdf
070088 Bill of Lading_C31922746.pdf
070088 Bill of Lading_C31926211.pdf
070088 Certificates of Insurance_C31926212.pdf
070088 Change Order 7 Negotiation Summary_C31927228.pdf
070088 CO 01 ZPMC_C31923165.pdf
070088 CO 02 ZPMC_C31923164.pdf
070088 CO 03 ZPMC_C31924812.pdf
070088 CO 04 ZPMC_C31924813.pdf
070088 CO 05 ZPMC_C31926064.pdf
070088 CO 06 ZPMC_C31926065.pdf
070088 CO 07 ZPMC_C31927238.pdf
070088 Contract Chop Labor Agreement Harbor Industrial Services Corporation_C31922813.pdf
070088 Contract Labor Agreement Harbor Industrial Services Corporation_C31922814.pdf
October 29, 2019, 11:36am
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Request received via web
October 22, 2019, 11:44am