Request #18-6

As a summary what we need is the following:

 Detailed line item budget costs associated with building the area as a FPR parking lot to automotive standards on the Kaiser property

    • Planning, entitlements, permitting and engineering costs
    • Site prep, site fill, fill estimates, subgrade requirements, etc.
    • Storm water management costs
    • Electrical and utility work
    • Asphalt, striping, fencing, k-rail, lighting, etc. 
    • Landscaping
  • Contingencies included in the Port plan associated with the above for both materials and construction
  • Cost associated with any City or Port assessments for streets, storm water management, etc.
  • Port project management costs (would these be required if AWC manages the project ourselves)
  • We will not need:
    • Costs for rail infrastructure (AWC has excess rail capacity)
    • Costs for utility runs, etc. for a processing building (AWC has excess capacity available)
    • Costs associated with rail infrastructure assessments
  • Other questions:
    • Will the project be required to reimburse the $1.165 costs associated with the Ports 3rd party design costs that are currently being incurred or are those considered to be a sunk cost of the Port.
    • If AWC does a ground lease for the Kaiser property, what would be the costs per acre per month for such a lease.
    • If a ground lease is done and AWC builds the infrastructure, would AWC be allowed to be the terminal operator?
    • What would be the terms of a terminal operations agreement?
    • What per unit credit would AWC get for the wharfage generated through new business generated over the East Blair dock?
    • Would an increase in our MAG be required if AWC was paying for both a ground lease and the property development costs?


January 12, 2018 via email


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Dennis Matteo





Point of Contact

Diane Jordan

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We are closing request 18-6 to Port of Tacoma and responding to this request from the Northwest Seaport Alliance. The link to the Northwest Seaport alliance request:

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This is a duplicate request.

January 25, 2018, 4:13pm
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