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Our company is doing a study for U.S. Oil and are trying to locate underground utilities in the project vicinity. The City of Tacoma has provided us with a couple Franchise agreements between the Port of Tacoma and the City of Tacoma, approved as City Ordinance No. 27898 (2010) & 28016 (2011) granting the Port the right to install fiber optic communication cable, each ordinance contains a note that As-built drawings are included. But no as-built documents are included and the City doesn't appear to have those copies any longer.
being that this work was performed for the Port, I am hoping you (the Port of Tacoma) may still have copies and we would like to at a minimum review those to place the fiber optic on our plans. Please consider this an official request.
thank you,
Gary Letzring PLS
Senior Project Surveyor


June 16, 2017 via web


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Gary Letzring





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Diane Jordan

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July 19, 2017, 10:13am
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June 16, 2017, 2:41pm