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Irlanda Ramirez I would like to know the 2017 Vehicle Import and Exports for The Port of Tacoma. Thank you Diane Jordan
Mike Pellegrini Please provide me with any emails/texts/letters that pertain to new or revised construction sched... Diane Jordan
Sara Watkins I want all records that pertain to Sause Brothers from May 10th to the day that this request is p... Diane Jordan
Alana Pennington I would like to receive the lease abstract between the Port of Tacoma and Mitco Limited.  Diane Jordan
Mike Pellegrini Please send me the numbers of intermodal moves for the months of March and April, 2018 for Tacoma... Diane Jordan
Arthur West All records of any draft or final Non-disclosure agreement or Joint Defense Agreement with the AW... Diane Jordan
Rick Gambino Please send emails "sent, to and from" anyone at POT, that has had communication with :  Search a... Diane Jordan
Serena Courtney I would like to request any and all Lease Terms and any amendments between Port of Tacoma and Ave... Diane Jordan
Elinore Tucker We are requesting video footage of an accident that happened on 4 10 18 at approximately 14:20 in... Diane Jordan
Katie Grabow I would like electronic copies of the winning and runner-up submittals for 070872 On-Call Managem... Diane Jordan
Mike I would to request the following documents for Pier 4 Phase 2 Reconfiguration Project 1. Approve... Diane Jordan
Rick Gambino Please send purchase documents from over a year ago on contract of 1620 Lincoln Ave, Tacoma, WA 9... Diane Jordan
Robert Rice I request all Dayshift Equipment Maintenance paper timecards showing daily work assignments and h... Diane Jordan
Peter Shorett I would like a copy of the recent Trident lease and motive power and marine lease. Diane Jordan
Samantha Lemessy SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the Port of Tacoma for any and all purchas... Diane Jordan
Jennie Smith Under the Washington Public Records Act, we formally request that your office provide us with pub... Diane Jordan
Natalie Ferri Hello,  I would like to request the data for all found human trafficking through the Port of Tac... Diane Jordan
William Crittenden This is a request for public records pursuant to Chap. 42.56 RCW. Please produce the followingpub... Diane Jordan
Mike Pellegrini 1)  Please provide me with copies of the construction/design plans for the F-Lot.  This would inc... Diane Jordan
vanessa herzog I would like all documentation available for the sale of 202 East F Street, Tacoma, WA.   Buyer: ... Diane Jordan
Jonathan Chinn Requesting staff evaluation and criteria for Ross Strategic's proposal in response to RFP 070421,... Diane Jordan
Kim Bradford Pursuant to the state open records law RCW secs. 42.56.001 to 42.56.902, I write on behalf of The... Diane Jordan
Sara Watkins I want all records that pertain to Sause Brothers from March 1st to the day that this request is ... Diane Jordan
Ric Spengler Re: Port of Tacoma RFP 0418 for EAP Services Dear Ms. Shorten, SPHR I understand that the Port ... Diane Jordan
Andrew Q Hull Can you send me a list of all the Port of Tacoma tenant leases? Thank you. Diane Jordan
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